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grab bar installation

If you or someone in your care have mobility limitations, increasing stability and balance is critical. Falls are the most common cause of non-fatal trauma-related hospital admissions and are the leading cause of fatal injuries.

Small adjustments or additions to the bathroom, like adding grab bars, can go a long way in preventing accidents.


  • Boost Stability, Comfort and Confidence
  • Prevent Slip-and-Fall Accidents
  • Promote Independent Senior Living

When installing a grab bar for home or bathroom safety, there are many elements to consider in order to ensure the best placement. Our goal is to evaluate your specific needs so that we can provide you with a proper installation that makes you feel safe and secure.

Benefits of a Professional Grab Bar Installation :
  • Appropriate Height
  • Proper Placement for Walk-In Shower
  • Proper Placement for Shower Stall
  • Durability … Quality Installation
  • ADA-Compliant

Don’t take any chances with safety in the shower. If you are in the Cleveland OH area, talk to us today about getting a safety grab bar installed right away.

Shower Grab Bar Installation