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Grout Color Sealing

A Game Changer

Once your tile and grout is professionally cleaned, then the grout lines Color Sealed, your tile and grout floors and surfaces will look like new and will be easy to maintain. With regular sweeping and damp mopping, your floors can stay in pristine condition.

There are many advantages that make taking this a smart decision.

About Grout Color Sealing

  • Can be used on any tile and grout surface … walls, floors, showers, countertops, etc…
  • Easier to maintain … spills and soiling will lie on top of the sealer
  • Restores old grout to a like-new condition.
  • Grout will be uniform in color
  • Aggressive chemicals are no longer necessary. Can be maintained effectively with environmentally safe cleaners
  • Will not chip, flake, or peel
  • Maintains the natural look of the grout … does not look painted

How Grout Color Sealing Works

We use the highest quality grout Color Seal available for the best protection. Grout sealer is absorbed into the porous surface, filling in the tiny holes where contaminants collect. It leaves your floor with a clean and fresh look that is much easier to maintain, because regular cleaning is more productive.

Advantages of Grout Color Sealing


Covers permanent stains, blotchy appearance, or discolorations due to problems in the grout curing process or traffic patterns.

Design Options

Match your existing color or change to another color (including going from dark to light or vice versa).

Stain Prevention

Grout wipes clean with regular cleaning methods and no scrubbing.

Sanitary Benefits

Constant-acting mildewcides and fungicides, grout stays cleaner and healthier than unsealed or clear sealed grout.