Travertine Floor Cleaning | Cleveland OH

Fall in Love Again

With Your Travertine!

Grout Perfect/Perfect Services can restore the elegance and sophistication to any travertine surface that has become dull, stained, scratched, etched, chipped, or otherwise damaged.

Our travertine services includes:

  • Travertine repair and restoration
  • Deep cleaning travertine
  • Travertine stain removal
  • Travertine refinishing
  • Travertine honing
  • Travertine polishing
  • Lippage removal / grinding
  • Travertine holes filled

Does Travertine Need Maintenance?

The short answer is yes, travertine does require maintenance. Regular cleaning with a stone safe cleaner is a great for simple day-to-day maintenance, but over time, depending on traffic and usage, your floors may start to become dull, become scratched or show obvious traffic patterns. Countertops can become scratched, dull and etched.

If these problems develop, you become more and more dissatisfied with the appearance of your travertine until it’s time for another round of professional restoration. Ask about our regularly scheduled maintenance program which keeps your travertine surfaces looking great all the time, without the need for periodic restoration.

Travertine Repair and Honing