Terrazzo Floor Polishing | Cleveland OH

Terrazzo Rejuvenation:

Make it Shine!

Perfect Services can restore your terrazzo to its Mid Century Modern state with a hard, glass-like finish that is oh-so-easy to maintain. We can hone and polish your terrazzo floors to reveal the brand new surface that lies beneath so your colorful little specks of marble glisten once again.

Our terrazzo services includes:

  • Terrazzo repair and restoration
  • Deep cleaning terrazzo
  • Terrazzo honing and polishing
  • Terrazzo stain removal
  • Terrazzo crack and chip repair
  • Sealing and protecting terrazzo

Terrazzo Care : Keeping it Beautiful​

The best way to ensure your terrazzo retains its natural beauty is to have it professionally serviced every one to two years or as needed. For routine maintenance, we can instruct you on the proper care you should use in cleaning, including recommending stone-safe care products that help you maintain the optimal appearance of your terrazzo.

Sealing and Protecting Terrazzo​

Terrazzo is porous. Unsealed terrazzo can be susceptible to staining if certain spills or soiling material penetrate beneath the surface and go into the tiny pores. You may wish to have your terrazzo sealed to help protect against staining. We can provide this service for you. Sealing is not the same as applying a coating. A sealer guards against staining by filling the pores of both aggregate and binder so it becomes more difficult for staining agents to absorb into the terrazzo surface.

Terrazzo Floor Sealing