Showers cleaned and restored to like-new


Restoration Process

Are you looking for a complete shower restoration and maintenance solution? If you are in the Cleveland OH area, we can restore your shower to a brand new condition and then reduce your cleaning efforts by 50% with our proprietary sealer. Our services include deep cleaning and sanitizing your tile and grout, color sealing the grout, and applying four coats of CSPro Supreme Shield. Additional services for showers include clear sealing grout, caulking, and minor repairs, such as removing and replacing the damaged grout and replacing broken tiles.

Here are the details:

Step 1. We pre-spray with a mildewcide and disinfectant and allow ample dwell time. Then, we thoroughly deep-clean and sanitize the tile and grout.

Step 2. Color seal the grout lines. We can match or change your existing grout color. This process seals and restores the grout to a like-new condition and gives the whole shower a clean, fresh appearance.

Step 3. Apply four coats of CSPro Supreme Shield. This micro-thin protective coating adds an additional layer of protection to the tile and grout and minimize the amount of moisture that seeps through porous tile, grout, and seams.

These services, in conjunction with our CSPro Shower Maintenance Cleaner can reduce required cleanings by 50%. One gallon of maintenance cleaner will be included with our services, so your shower will immediately be easier to clean and maintain.

Professional Shower Care