The Versatility of Stone

The Versatility of Stone

We may need to change how we think about natural stone

Most of the time, when people think about natural stone, what comes to mind is building facades, countertops, shower surrounds, floors, and other “big” projects. That doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Natural stone is great for smaller projects outside as well as inside.

Why is natural stone great for smaller outdoor projects?

Since natural stone is created by nature in combination with the environment, it contains the natural elements of the earth. It doesn’t need to be protected from environmental issues such as rain, snow, heat, or cold. It will age with the weather, remaining beautiful and strong for years to come. However, if somehow it does become damaged, natural stone is renewable and repairable. A simple call to a natural stone restoration contractor can get your outside stone restored.

What are some smaller outdoor projects for natural stone?

  • Firepits – Natural stone can be cut into rectangular and sometimes curved blocks to create a firepit.
  • Walkways – Natural stone pavers are an excellent choice for walkways and sidewalks.
  • Tabletops – There is no better way to accessorize your outdoor look than with natural stone tabletops for your outdoor coffee or end tables. Fabricators usually have an assortment of smaller pieces left over from installed projects.
  • Garden edging – Add color and charm to your garden by using natural stone for garden edging and dividers. Showcase or spotlight those special areas of interest in your garden.

Why is natural stone great for smaller indoor projects?

Natural stone comes in a wide variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and stone types. With all this variety, there are so many smaller projects that can be done with natural stone. Natural stone is renewable and repairable so if it does become dull or damaged, it can be repaired.

  • Shelves – Keeping in mind that natural stone can be heavy, 2 cm might be better for shelf projects. However, with proper support, natural stone does make unique, beautiful shelves.
  • Windowsills – Wooden windowsills can be affected by several things, including weather (sometimes we forget to close the windows when it rains), in home humidity, and age. You can replace aging wooden windowsills with natural stone windowsills that will add beauty to any room and will last indefinitely. This is especially nice if you are getting a new countertop and you get a matching windowsill in your kitchen or bath.
  • Curbs and thresholds – If you are getting a new natural stone vanity top, or tub surround, consider getting a shower curb to match. You can also replace the dirty, worn thresholds in your home with natural stone. Natural stone will clean easily and hold up well. If it does become damaged, a simple call to a natural stone restoration contractor can get your inside stone restored.
  • Raised feeding platform for pets – If you have a large dog, vets recommend that you raise their feeding dishes off the floor. The trouble is that large dogs are strong, and they can push those feeding platforms around, causing a mess. A natural stone platform is heavy and difficult to push around, but very easy to clean.

Can smaller natural stone projects be used around food and drink?

Absolutely. Natural stone has many uses in these areas. Pastry chefs love marble countertops and pastry boards for making great desserts. Soapstone whiskey stones stay cold, don’t dilute drinks, and are a great conversation starter. A natural stone mortar and pestle can be used for grinding spices AND think about how stunning a natural stone charcuterie board would be!

Natural stone can be used in so many ways, big or small. It can add style and pop inside and out. It seems a shame to only think about it in terms of “big” projects.

By Sharon Koehler. This article is one of a series of articles written and published on behalf of Surface Care PRO Partners.